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IPWhoIs is a utility program designed to recover the registered users of the Internet Protocol address space. It defaults to the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) Whois server, and if it contains a reference to another regional Whois server, or an rWhois server, it will automatically forward the request to the referenced server.

IPWhoIs is written in VB6, and is being made available in ZIP format. Installation is usually straight forward, using "setup.exe" to install files extracted from "IPWhoIs.cab" as laid out in "setup.lst". It has been tested to be UAC compatible.

Executing the program shows your local network address in the address box.

Simply overwrite that address with the unknown one and click the "SEND" button. In this example we have used the ARIN server itself.

In this example, we were referred to the APNIC WhoIs server.

And in this example, we were referred to the Shaw rWhoIs server.

UPDATE: (11/29/2019) Version 3 no longer uses the Winsock Control, but uses the Winsock API instead.

Note: In theory this Version supports both IPv4 and IPv6 transport. Since there are few Whois services available on IPv6, this option has not been enabled.

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