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JACMail Version 3.0 is very similar to previous Versions. I have abandoned attempts to add encryption to Email service, as TLS 1.0/1.1 is no longer supported on many servers. TLS 1.2 supports ECC (Elliptical Curve Cryptography), which is what I want to use because it avoids having to store keys. Unfortunately I have not yet found a way to recover the Raw Agreed Secret to support TLS 1.2 using CNG (Cryptography Next Generation). The current Email standards are ancient and difficult to work with. It does not easily support encryption or non-latin character sets, and the lack of authentication allows the proliferation of unsolicited email and malware. Because of the large installed base of MTAs, previous attempts to upgrade it have failed. Therefore, I have removed encryption from JACMail, and I am currently concentrating on a private email service using ECC and authentication. JACMail V3 uses SimpleSock, which makes it faster.

Because JACMail3 does not support encryption, it will not work on mail systems that require SSL/TLS. This includes GMail, HotMail, and Yahoo.

JACMail is an Email Client Program designed to allow fast and efficient recovery of email from a POP3 server, and the sending of email through an SMTP server. It is primarily oriented towards text based messaging with attachments, and does not directly support highly formatted HTML based email or embedded objects. It receives and stores both text/plain and text/html messages, and Web based emails (HTML) can be sent to your default browser for viewing. It also supports Plain Authentication based POP3 and multiple mailboxes. The mailboxes are stored in an Access database utilizing ODBC.

JACMail3 no longer supports Spell Checking via Microsoft Word. Instead, spell checking is enabled on the fly as you type your message. Spelling errors will be underlined with a squiggly red line, and right button clicking on it will provide options. Unfortunately, this only works on Win 8 or greater.

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