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JACWeb is a Tabbed Web Browser based upon the Microsoft WebBrowser Control. Because it is so closely tied to Internet Explorer, it inherits most of it's internal settings from IE, including the Home Page. It has been tested with Internet Explorer Version 7 and Version 9.

JACWeb is written in VB6, and is being made available in ZIP format. Installation is usually straight forward, using "setup.exe" to install files extracted from "JACWeb.cab" as laid out in "setup.lst".

JACWeb utilizes a parent window containing the main menu and a child window containing the actual browser itself. New instances of a browser are opened in new child windows controlled by tabs.

All of the important features of a Web Browser have been implemented, less all the bells and whistles. That makes JACWeb fast and efficient.

JACWeb does not use the IE Favorites function. Instead, a Bookmark function based on a simple text file is provided. It utilizes a tree structure with groupings and single entries. A sample file called JACWeb.bmk is automatically added to your Favorites directory the first time the program is started.

History utilizes the IE history function, so your Internet Explorer settings will impact what is returned by this function. Currently it is set to return URL history, but this will return XML history as well.

Most Internet Explorer options can be accessed directly from the Tools menu, as well as Page Properties. JACWeb has a setting to disable Script Debugging, as failed scripts can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a way to implement Selective Script Blocking similar to the Mozilla NoScript Add-on.

Also in the Tools menu you will find an option to delete cookies each time you exit the program. Cookies are the most widely used method of tracking useage patterns, but certain cookies are desirable. These cookies can be protected by using the Protect Cookies function.

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