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PicView is a replacement for the Windows Viewer, be it the newer Win 10 Photos app, or the older Photo Viewer. There are many complaints about how slow the Win 10 Photos app is, and PicView is designed to be light weight and fast.

When you click on the picture, a Common Dialog window opens to enable you to load a picture file.

By default, the Pictures include *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, *.bmp, & *.ico. Using the Pictures dropdown arrow, you can select just *.jpg, or *.png. Selcting a file and clicking "Open", or double clicking a file will display the file in the appropriately sized window.

Pictures that are larger than the screen height or width will be automatically adjusted to fit the screen in the same proportions as the original.

A very simple routine is provided to output the current image to your default printer by using a Ctrl-p.

PicView is written in VB6, and is being made available in ZIP format. Installation is usually straight forward, using "setup.exe" to install files extracted from "PicView.cab" as laid out in "setup.lst".

CAUTION: Some browsers (such as Google Chrome) block file downloads that contain an executable without giving you the option to bypass. The Safe version contains an extra step outlined in ReadMe.txt to get around this issue. If you are concerned about the integrity of the new executable that you create, here is the SHA256 hash code.
3D 00 41 83 2E 8B 6F 5B 95 CB 33 D2 86 C2 4C 53
CC C9 34 15 49 58 9A E8 82 2C 60 84 E8 D2 AA 5C

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