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Unicode Editor is similar to Text Editor, and functions as a replacement for NotePad. The Text window has been replaced with a control that supports non-Latin character sets (ie. Chinese/Arabic). It has most of the functions of Text Editor, but has some subtle differences.

File		Edit		Format		Search
-New		-Undo		-Word Wrap	-Find
-Open		-Cut		-Spell Check	-Find Next
-Save		-Copy		-Sort
-Save as	-Paste		-Font
-Print		-Delete
-Exit		-Replace
                -Select All

Text Editor defaults to non Word Wrap mode, whereas Unicode Editor defaults to Word Wrap mode with Spell Check enabled. It is intended that Unicode Editor would be used for entering new text, whereas Text Editor would be used for editing large formatted files.

With spell checking, some words are automatically corrected, and others are underlined by a red squiggly line. Right clicking on the underlined text offers alternatives.

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