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WLAN is a utility program designed to discover the wireless networks in your present locale. You must have an active wireless adapter, but it does not necessarily have to be connected. Having more than one wireless adapter is highly unusual, but if that is the case, the program should prompt you to select one of them.

WLAN is written in VB6, and is being made available in ZIP format. Installation is usually straight forward, using "setup.exe" to install files extracted from "WLAN.cab" as laid out in "setup.lst". It has been tested to be UAC compatible.

Your computer should periodically scan the area for available access points. Executing the program will display those APs along with the signal strength as a percentage. Nameless networks are given the name (Unknown), and the connected network will display in large letters in the "Connected to:" box.

Win 10 computers will sometimes return only the connected network. Simply click the "SCAN" button to initiate a new scan. That scan will take about 4 seconds.

To find more information about a particular network, simply click on it.

Networks that you have connected to previously should have a Profile available in XML format. Once that network is selected, simply click the "PROFILE" button and it should be displayed.

And finally we get to the Basic Service Set (BSS). BSS is related to the first scan, but goes a little further. In this example we see access points that don't show up in the first scan, as well as additional properties such as MAC address and central frquency. Some of these are modems/routers that are without names used to distribute wireless signals to TVs.

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