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Text Editor is a replacement for NotePad. It has most of the functions of NotePad with a couple of extra ones.

File		Edit		Format		Search
-New		-Undo		-Word Wrap	-Find
-Open		-Cut		-Sort		-Find Next
-Save		-Copy		-Font
-Save as	-Paste
-Print		-Delete
-Exit		-Replace
                -Select All

One noticable extra is the Sort function. This allows you to sort the lines with an added feature of starting the sort at any position in the line.

Another extra is the ability to replace character ranges per line in addtion to search and replace specific text. This can be handy for removing things like a time stamp that starts at the beginning of a line. For large text files, search and Replace All by text will be slow, whereas Replace All by character count will be fast by comparison.

The Line/Col function that comes with Text Editor is not considered an option, as in NotePad. Unlike NotePad, it is available in either Wrap or Unwrap modes, and is only activated by mouse click.

Like NotePad, Text Editor provides an adjustable window that remembers it's location and size.

Text Editor is about 1/3 the size of Notepad, but otherwise operates pretty much the same as Notepad.

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